Three in one
    Positive CP Multi uses the Humidity Management System to preserve the natural humidity of each type of food; with the possibility to set up to 6 different degrees of humidity, from 40% to 95% RH, in a temperature range of 0° to +15°C.
    Negative CP Multi safeguards food from sudden temperature changes caused by continuously opening the doors. The large storage space makes it possible to organize production and stocks, maintaining quality intact over time.
    CP Multi is the most reliable holding cabinet for your chocolate creations. CP Multi is an absolutely safe custodian of your pralines, bars, sugar decorations and products with chocolate icing. All your work will be beautifully preserved at a constant temperature of +14°/ +15°C with extremely low humidity (40/50% RH, maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of your products.

Infinite customization

CP Multi lets you change temperature and humidity at all times, creating the ideal environment for preserving any type of food. You can open the doors of your Cp Multi whenever you want, even at high external temperatures, certain that the set parameters will be maintained.



The Irinox patented sanification system, sanitizes every part of the chamber, including the areas that are difficult to access for cleaning (e.g. the evaporator, etc.).
The system’s efficiency, tested by Udine University and certified by the Ministry of Health guarantees bacteria abatement of 99.5%. Sanification is performed by airborne ions and acts on the surface of products, increasing the duration of preservation. Sanigen® acts to eliminate unpleasant odours that can occur at the end of the work cycle or the working day.

Cp Multi holding cabinets

All the space you need

The CP Multi holding cabinet with its 1000 litres net capacity guarantees the same storage capacity as a 1.5 x 2 m cold room, in less than half its dimensions; for example, the exclusive stand makes it possible to insert up to 106 x 60x40 cm trays or up to 100 ice cream basins (330 W x 165 D x 120 H mm) with the best preservation possible. In addition, individual modules can run independent temperatures, even though they are powered by a single cooling unit.