Positive proofing


Proofing dough in Day System is constant and takes place at a single temperature which can be set by bakers according to the characteristics of their dough and the time cooking should start.
Using a positive temperature means that the dough is not stressed; the yeast is not inhibited and can develop evenly. In addition, the Day System cooling stage is one of its main strong points, as it cools the dough without drying it.

Proofing system


With Day System you use just one button to set the required proofing time. You may decide to prepare your leavened products in 12, 18 or 24 hours, planning your shifts in the best way and eliminating night work. You can also manage the days you are closed, delaying proofing and keeping the product at 2°C until you wish to have it ready.

The thermal delta employed during the cooling stage is one of the main advantages of Day System. The delicately cooled dough maintains its gluten mesh intact to ensure problem-free proofing re-start.

Day System becomes unbeatable in proofing dough with a water percentage of up to 90%. Because proofing at positive temperatures stops the formation of crystals (which takes place when negative temperatures are reached) it does not ruin the bread’s gluten mesh allowing uniform development of the structure.

In addition, the rapid fermentation function makes it possible to accelerate proofing so that you can meet unexpected demand.