The Day System proofing system runs constantly controlled, non-aggressive ventilation with its exclusive refrigeration equipment. Numerous tests and studies based on cooling curves and the use of sophisticated software have made it possible to determine the perfect size of the main refrigerator components (condenser, evaporator and compressor): IrinoxBalanceSystem®.

The software is used to set and vary the degree of humidity inside Day System throughout the proofing process. Humidity is controlled without the need to add steam in the chamber to stop the dough from drying out. This system of constant effective control prevents uncontrolled variations in the degree of humidity.


Meticulous attention is paid to the manufacturing details of Day System, which is entirely in stainless steel with high density polyurethane foam insulation. Day System has a trolley counting feature that assists finding the dough ready for cooking.

Day System is the only proofing system in the world that does not need plumbing in; in addition, as it operates at a constant positive temperature it proves your dough with significant reductions in energy consumption.