Contrary to other blast chillers, EasyFresh can take all food, at ambient temperature or immediately after cooking, thereby avoiding its natural ageing and instantly securing its quality.

4 exclusive cycles
  • DELICATE +3°C: rapidly chills food to a temperature of +3°C at the core. The cycle is suitable for delicate products such as mousse, crèmes, fish, rice, vegetables and low density food in general.
  • STRONG +3°C: this cycle reaches a temperature of +3°C, exploiting the blast chiller’s maximum power to rapidly extract heat from the food. Recommended for dense fatty products, large cuts or packaged products, such as meat, soup, sauces.
  • DELICATE -18°C: this cycle is sub-divided into two stages (one at positive and one at negative temperature) and delicately deep freezes food. Particularly suitable for baked leavened products or bread.
  • STRONG -18°C: rapidly deep freezes medium-large cuts to -18°C at the core, with air temperature reaching -40°C.
    Also ideal for stabilizing the structure of ice cream.


The EasyFresh blast chiller comes with a luminous display and intuitive controls that flash to guide you step by step through its functions.
In just a few seconds EasyFresh detects whether the probe is present or not and activates either manual or automatic mode: in manual mode chilling and freezing take place within the set time, in automatic mode the blast chiller will run the cycle through the probe, constantly reading the core temperature of the product.



The exclusive adjustable tray rack by Irinox is used to alter the distance between trays every 20 mm, according to the thickness of the food, and to exploit the entire yield in kg of EasyFresh.
MultiRack ® allows you to go easily from using Gn 1/1 trays to 60x40 cm trays and vice versa, ensuring the proper flow of air inside the chamber.



The Irinox patented sanification system, sanitizes every part of the chamber, including the areas that are difficult to access for cleaning (e.g. the evaporator, etc.).
The system’s efficiency, tested by Udine University and certified by the Ministry of Health guarantees bacteria abatement of 99.5%. Sanification is performed by airborne ions and acts on the surface of products, increasing the duration of preservation. Sanigen® acts to eliminate unpleasant odours that can occur at the end of the work cycle or the working day.


When we design our blast chilling and shock freezing systems we neglect no details so that you can concentrate on your work; we’ve thought of everything else.
For example, the Irinox SAFETY CLOSING SYSTEM, provided with new washable, durable gaskets, ensures perfect door closure when the blast chiller is operating. The Safety Closing System prevents potential infiltrations of humidity that could damage the product and cause needless energy waste.
The EasyFresh blast chiller transfers and saves all the data relating to each individual cycle on your computer (HACCP Control Software). EasyFresh is easily cleaned; all its components are accessible and washable, including the evaporators, the removable condenser filter, the fans and the waterproof control panel.