IrinoxBalanceSystem®: exclusive technology available to all

Irinox presents its exclusive refrigeration system,
the result of constant research into the best technological solutions


Numerous tests and studies performed on cooling curves and the use of sophisticated software have made it possible to determine the perfect size of the main refrigerator components (condenser, evaporator and compressor): IrinoxBalanceSystem®. The evaporators and condensers involved are built to the drawings and specifications of our engineering office so that our equipment provides unbeatable performance.

The IrinoxBalanceSystem® has been used in designing and building our blast chillers, holding cabinets, and last but not least, our exclusive MultiFresh.

The principle on which blast chillers operate consists of removing heat from food in the shortest time possible in order to limit ageing. Our blast chillers guarantee the fastest heat removal, also with boiling hot food, without damaging it in any way. The same applies to our holding systems, which use the same technology to achieve different results: to maintain a constantly ideal environment for safeguarding food over time.

The right balance of the elements comprising the refrigeration circuit also ensure well-balanced ventilation and humidity inside the chamber, fundamental for preserving the structure of food and therefore its flavour.

Unsuitably sized equipment results in production inefficiency, causing unjustified high energy consumption.