All the products in the Irinox range are designed to guarantee maximum efficiency: from seeking materials with the lowest environmental impact to achieving the best performance, with the lowest energy consumption for the category.
With the same care Irinox applies to products for you, Irinox pays attention to the environmental sustainability of its blast chillers and holding cabinets. Suppliers are chosen through tests on each single component, from the point of view of its declared performance and sustainability.

The refrigeration equipment uses 30% less gas than the previous versions. LEDs are used for internal illumination, allowing energy savings.With the door opening and closing counting system you can determine the ideal product arrangement inside the chamber. By keeping fast-moving products in the top part of N'ice you do not need to use the bottom door from which more cold escapes. In addition, the high density water-based polyurethane foam provides total chamber insulation without cold dispersion.


The refrigerating equipment of N'ice uses R452A refrigerant gas. This ecological gas is employed on latest generation refrigeration equipment, is highly efficient and does not contribute to the greenhouse effect caused by depletion of the ozone layer.