24 marzo 2014


On 13 March the trade journals GVmanager, First Class and Schulverpflegung awarded the renowned BEST of Market prize 2014, “cold technology” category, to Irinox spa. The award ceremony was held during the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg.

The award, entitled “GVmanager`s Best”, was established in 2010 as a prize for the catering trade, but successive editions have extended the number of categories included.

The prize is awarded on the basis of a survey regarding the services offered by several industrial partners.

The survey was carried out exclusively on-line; newsletters were sent to 39,000 readers of the journals, between October and February; for the 2014 edition the number of businesses examined went from 488 to 735.  Companies working in a number of sectors were able to compete in different categories.  The survey also included a section with questions regarding investment plans and purchasing preferences.

Positions in the rankings were calculated on the basis of individual assessments of quality, service and quality:price ratios.

Market research by B&L MedienGesellschaft created an assessment scale based on the German system.  Interviewees could express their judgement on the subject of quality, quality:price ratio and service, assigning 1 (good), 2 (medium) or 3 (scarce) points.  Overall assessment was achieved by adding the points given in each category.

This year the prize was assigned to 24 categories, 11 of which in the food trade and 13 in the technical area.  The award-winning categories are: bakery, side dishes, desserts, finger food, meat and derivatives, spices, breakfast ideas, high convenience, soups and sauces, hot drinks, cooking systems, dishwashing systems, coffee machines, small kitchen appliances, cooling systems, food transport, distribution systems, hygiene systems, table settings, check-out point systems, fabrics and bathroom fittings.

Recipients of the prize confirmed certain regulars, such as Barilla Deutschland or Unilever Deutschland; at the same time the introduction of further categories allowed new faces to reach the podium. In the recently extended technical area prizes were awarded to Ecolab Deutschland (hygiene systems), Grohe Deutschland (bathroom fittings), Irinox (cooling systems) and Rieber (food transport).