31 marzo 2014

On 18 and 19 May 2014 Milan will be the world capital of pastry making: make a date at the Four Seasons Hotel with ten of the most important master pastry chefs in the world: together here for the first time!

An international pastry congress has never before taken place in Italy.  Italian Gourmet is proud to announce the organization of the most mouth-watering event of the year, a format sure to be consolidated year after year.

Iginio Massari and Luigi Biasetto for Italy, Philippe Conticini and Jean-Paul Hévin representing France, Paco Torreblanca for Spain, William Curley (Harrods’s pastry chef) from England, Pierre Marcolini from Belgium, Norman Love for the USA, Volker Gmeiner for Germany and Sadaharu Aoki for Japan (the latter awaiting confirmation).  These are the fabulous ten who will alternate on the stage of the first edition of World Pastry Stars.

On their second day in Milan (Monday) the masters who have put contemporary pastry making on the map will share their experiences and illustrate their business methods to operators in the pastry and catering trades.

The first International Pastry Congress is organized by Italian Gourmet, a network dedicated to food communication through its journal “Il Pasticcere”.  On this occasion the Italian Master Pastry Makers Academy (AMPI) has cooperated in organizing an occasion made unique in the world by its concept and prestigious speakers.

This first 2014 edition of World Pastry Stars is an ideal trailblazer for a broader project which in 2015, the year of the Milan Expo, will see the creation of an important event dedicated to top quality pastry making and signature cuisine which will be an Italian and worldwide benchmark for excellence in the trade.

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