CP one


CP one


Humidity control system

At positive temperature between 0° and +15°C Cp One works with three humidity levels between 50% and 90% RH, creating the ideal atmosphere for preserving the natural texture of each food.

Perfect air ciculation

The Air Management ventilation System ensures perfect air distribution inside the chamber without temperature differences between the upper and lower sections of the holding cabinet or between the trays for ideal preservation of the products without them getting too dry or moist.

Rapid temperature recovery

The exclusive Irinox Balance System® refrigeration unit reaches the set temperature rapidly and maintains it even when Cp One is used continuously. 
Sudden changes in temperature are reduced to a minimum, as CP One comes with a high-performance cooler that quickly restores the set temperature at any time.

Hot gas defrosting

Cp One is provided with an exclusive hot gas defrosting system that stops ice forming and prevents the consequent malfunctions that often occur with ordinary refrigerators. For this reason Cp One can be used round the clock without having to turn it off for defrosting.
Cp One is always at your disposal for non-stop food preservation.

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