To each product its cycle


Functions and characteristics

MyA: simply touch

MyA is the new touch screen interface for MultiFresh® multi-function blast chillers that makes using the machine even easier and more intuitive.

The icons guide you through the numerous functions with a wide choice of cycles designed to preserve the fragrance, flavour and aroma of each item.

Full customization is possible only with MyA: it’s easy to vary the parameters for each cycle and create the ideal process for every product.

To each product its cycle

MultiFresh® blast chills or shock freezes over 90 different types of product.

To respect the differences between food in terms of consistency, humidity and nutriments, MultiFresh® creates an ideal cold curve for each item.

Shock freezing a fillet of beef, fish fillets or vegetables requires completely different temperatures and ventilation.

In addition, with MultiFresh® you can customize each cycle to adapt it to your needs: for example, freshly made ice cream can be blast chilled at -12°C for display in the window, or mixes in moulds can be turned out at the ideal temperature before being blast chilled.

With MultiFresh® you decide the chilling and freezing temperatures. Only in this way will all your products be as fresh as when they were made.

Blast chill faster for safer and more nutritous food

Fast blast chilling blocks food ageing, avoids oxidization and reduces bacterial proliferation. MultiFresh® takes the core of your food to +3°C faster than any other blast chiller, reducing the loss of weight caused by evaporation, and preserving nutrients.

Shock freeze safely and preserve every kind of food for longer

Ordinary shock freezing methods transform the liquids in food into macrocrystals which damage its structure. MultiFresh®’s ultra-fast shock freezing gets the food core to -18°C at a higher speed, leading to the formation of microcrystals that preserve the organoleptic properties of the food.

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