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Chocolate cake (Sacher type)

by Stefano Cadorin

Food family: Dessert
Irinox model: MF 85.2
Weight: 1000 gr
Thickness: 5 cm
Cycle used: Molded Dough
Temperature: +3°C
Initial temperature of the food: 85°C
Time: 30 min.
Ventilation level: 5

165 gr egg yolks 200 gr sugar 240 gr egg whites 230 gr sugar 175 gr peanut oil 145 gr flour 18 gr baking powder 90 gr cocoa 40 gr almond flour 60 gr milk


Separately whip the yolks with the sugar and the egg whites with the sugar. Mix all the sifted powders with the whipped yolks alternating with oil and milk. Then add the whipped egg white. Cook at 160°c for 25 minutes. Once removed from the oven, put them directly into the Multifresh and start the mould mixture cycle, remove the cakes when alerted and finish the cycle by bringing the product temperature to +4°C. Garnish the cake with apricot jam and blast chill to -18°C. If desired, ice the cake with chocolate icing.


By selecting the specific cycle in the cooling section (Multifresh), the product is removed at the right temperature intact. The blast chilling retains all the moisture and aromas within the cake.  Product stored at - 18°c, always ready for use if required.

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