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Fried calamari rings

by Gianluca Ortu

Food family: Fish
Irinox model: MF 30.2
Weight: 1kg gr
Thickness: cm
Cycle used: Fish
Temperature: -18°C
Initial temperature of the food: 170°c°C
Time: 60 min.
Ventilation level: 5

Calamari rings, cooking oil, salt, durum wheat semolina flour


Clean, wash and cut the squid into rings, coat them with plenty of flour, pass them through a sieve and fry them in hot oil. Let them cook for a few minutes, drain them and place them on a baking sheet / perforated grill with a sheet of paper for frying. Put the trays inside the MultiFresh and select the -18°C Fish cycle.


Calamari prepared using the Irinox Multifresh system and then regenerated in the oven, or in the fryer, are always perfect in colour, fragrance and flavour. With the Irinox system it is much easier to manage the preparation of fried fish, whether for just a few customers, for catering or for bigger events.

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