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Italian Easter cake

by Andrea Fiori

Food family: Dessert
Irinox model: MF 70.1
Weight: 500 gr
Thickness: 20 cm
Cycle used: Long Proofing
Temperature: +25°C
Initial temperature of the food: 24 °C
Time: 480 min.
Ventilation level: 2

Mother dough


700 gr mother yeast, 1,000 gr water, 1,000 gr sugar, 700 gr egg yolk, 2,700 gr flour (330w), 1100 gr butter


Second dough:


360 gr flour (3660 w), 700 gr sugar, 300 gr acacia honey, 500 gr egg yolks, 1550 gr butter, 50 gr salt, 100 gr pasta orange flavouring, 500 ml water, 3,000 gr orange cubes,



For the mandorlato (almond cake):


250 gr kernels, 150 almonds, 100 gr toasted hazelnuts, 800 gr sugar, 20 cocoa, 50 gr cornflour, 50 gr potato starch, 300 gr egg white


Prepare the dough and assemble it. Put it in the special dove-shaped moulds and put them all in the Multifresh. Program the Multifresh for proofing followed by cooling, for the required time and temperatures.


The main advantages of using MultiFresh in the preparation of traditional Italian Easter cakes are humidity management and constant controlled proofing of the mix.


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