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Quail breast and thigh with vegetable cous cous and green sauce

by Alessio Granzotto

Food family: Meat
Irinox model: MF 25.1
Weight: 120 gr
Thickness: 5/6 cm
Cycle used: Chicken Low T. Cooking
Temperature: +3°C
Initial temperature of the food: 2°C
Time: 60 min.
Ventilation level: 2

Quail breasts and thighs, garlic, rosemary, green sauce, cous cous, seasonal vegetables, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil.

Procedure De-bone the quail breast and thigh. Cook the thighs at 70°C for 60 minutes and the breasts for 20 minutes. Brown them in the pan with garlic and rosemary. Serve the quail thighs and breast accompanied by green sauce and a cous cous of seasonal vegetables.

Using the +3°C CBT chicken cycle you can cook the product at night and find it cooked and cooled the following morning. This system not only allows us to take advantage of the quality of the MultiFresh by organising and optimising our time, but it allows us to have the MultiFresh available for all the other dishes to be prepared daily. 


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