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Radicchio di Treviso Agrodolce

by Alessio Granzotto

Food family: Fish
Irinox model: MulltiFresh® Next
Weight: gr
Thickness: cm
Cycle used: Fish Low T. Cooking
Initial temperature of the food: °C
Time: 150 min.
Ventilation level: Ventilazione in cottura 2; in raffreddamento 5

- Radicchio Treviso

- Olive oil

- Vinegar

- Sugar

- Salt

- Pepper in grains

- Laurel leaves

- Clove

- Star anise

- Cinamon


- Wash, clean and cut radicchio. 

- Prepare a court buillon with water, videgar, laurel, clove, pepper in grains, star anise, cinamon, rock salt.

- Pale the radicchio for a few minutes and chill using the cycle delicate +3°C.

- Place the empty jars in the Multifresh Next and bring at the temperature of 70°C.

- Prepare a sauce with olive oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, aromas.

- Dry the radicchio leaves, if necessary use the defrost cycle with the blastchiller's door opened. 

- Place radicchio in the jars and cover with the sauce, avoid bubbles.

- Close the jars with their lids, use one perforate lid to introduce the probe (this jar will be the first one to be used, because unseald).

- Preheat the blast chiller, place the jars inside and start the pastorization cycle.

- Use the probe, set 70°C core temperature (85°C in the chamber), and a ten minutes maintainance after reaching 70 degrees core temperature.

- Pre-heat+70°C

- Fase 1: air in the chamber at +85°C, core probe at 70°C

- Fase 2: air in the chamber at 70/75°C for 10 min.

- Fase 3: cool at -7°C chamber temperature, 30°C core temperature

- Fase 4: cool at 0°C chamber temperature, +3°C core temperature

- Maintainance +3°C

- Once ended the, preserve the jars at  pastorization cycles +3°C to avoid new bacterias






Cut food cost: Buy products in larger quantities when they are in season and at the best price.

Enhance Shelf Life: Pasteurization is the ideal cycle to preserve your prodcuts at +3°C for months, without variations. 

Processes standardization: Processes can be standardized in order to serve always same quality products.

Save money: Use the blast chiller during the night, when energy costs are lower, and find your products ready in the morning. 

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