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Shoulder of pork marinated in whey, red chicory, sprouts and poached egg.

by Gianluca Ortu

Food family: Meat
Irinox model: MF 25.1
Weight: 2000 gr
Thickness: 15/20 cm
Cycle used: Pork Low T. Cooking
Temperature: +3°C
Initial temperature of the food: 3°C
Time: 22 / 24 (ore) min.
Ventilation level: 2

Shoulder of pork, Parmesan cheese whey, brussel sprouts, radicchio, egg.


De-bone the shoulder of pork and syringe it with the parmesan whey before putting it in a vacuum bag for at least 5/7 days, massaging it regularly. Tie it and cook using the +3°C CBT pork cycle, setting the core temperature to 68°C for approx. 22/24 hours. Then put the shoulder in the oven to brown the skin. Slice and serve the pork shoulder, accompanied by sautéed sprouts, marinated radicchio and poached egg.


Using the MultiFresh Low Temperature Cooking and using the whey of the Parmesan, the meat has a minimum weight reduction, greater succulence, a very tender consistency and a nice pink colour.

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