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Tuna Carpaccio

by Alessio Granzotto

Food family: Fish
Irinox model: MultiFresh® Next
Weight: from 300 gr to 1.500 gr
Thickness: from 2 to 10 cm
Cycle used: Strong -18°C
Temperature: -18°C
Initial temperature of the food: °C
Time: min.
Ventilation level: 5

Tuna Fillet


We're going to use MultiFresh® Next with a negative chamber temperture of -8°/-10°C, in order to reach -5°C core temperature. (-5°C is the ideal temperature to slice tune carpaccio)

Custom cycle:

Fase 0: Pre-chilling at -10°C   

Fase 1: Chamber temperature -10°C, core temperature -5°C, ventilation 5

Fase 2: Store at -7°C in chamber                       

While the cycle is completed, slice the tuna fillet at the desired thickness. Lay down the slices and use baking paper to maintain the slices separeted. Place the sliced tuna inside the MultiFresh® Next in order to maintain the ideal temperature.

Start the Anisakis Free cycle. 

Preserve it in freezer bags at  -18/-20°C degrees inside the IRINOX holding cabinet.


With MultiFresh® Next you reach the ideal temperature for tuna carpaccio and tuna tartar, reducing food waste to zero. 

Processes optimization and food safety: safe and optimazed quantities ready to use when needed.

Fast service: when needed you place the tuna carpaccio on the plate and in a few minutes it reach the ideal temperature. 

No weight lose and intact nutritional properties: same freshness, color, structure and nutritional properties.

Programmed activities and maintainance of quality and safety: greater hygiene/health security which will increase the product’s shelf life

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