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3 reasons why you should not underestimate a proper food storage


A proper storage of raw foods in a restaurant is a fundamental operation to increase the shelf life, ensure wholesomeness and avoid unnecessary food waste and environment damage. The Next range of Irinox blast chillers and holding cabinets have been created to simplify professional’s daily work, guaranteeing high quality preparations.


Why is food storage so important?


Most of the times we don’t give food storage the importance it has, although it’s a crucial process for high quality and safe plates. A proper storage is important for the following three reasons:


1. Avoid food safety problems: an improper storage can cause food poisoning.

2. Save money: most of the thrown away food it’s because of bad temperature preservation or bad stock rotation.

3. Save time: have portioned quantities previously prepared help you to ensure a faster service.

Use performant appliances


The right refrigeration appliances can do a big difference in professional kitchens. Blast chillers and holding cabinets* help chefs and food operators to store all types of food at the ideal conditions, accordingly to the specific needs: season, loading and production. Thanks to an ideal humidity, temperature and air ventilation, chocolate, baking bases, ice cream, meat, fish and pasta retain their original properties.


The ideal configuration


Irinox holding cabinets are synonymous of high-quality preservation. Your creations keep their original texture, colour, fragrance and nutritional properties intact for longer.

CP and CK Next preserve any type of food with maximum temperature stability.


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