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Consistent, controlled proofing for all types of dough


Preparing and managing dough for pastrybakery, and pizza can be a time-consuming and exhausting process that often involves night shifts, uncertain outcomes, and product waste. To streamline these processes, improve the efficiency of operators, and reduce production costs, it has become increasingly important to adopt new technologies within production labs and kitchens. Over the years, advancements in technology have made it possible to optimize dough preparation and management, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Process optimization

IRINOX's MultiProof Next is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes proofing process management, enhancing both labor and product quality. The advanced IRINOX retarder-proofing chamber enables precise control over temperature, time, humidity, and airflow, eliminating the variables that often affect dough proofing. With this innovative technology, achieving uniform and perfect proofing is now possible, resulting in improved product quality and reduced food waste.

Work less, make more


IRINOX retarder proofing cabinet offers a game-changing solution that simplifies shift organization while maintaining the freshness and variety of your products. With MultiProof Next, the leavening process can be programmed to ensure that your products are perfectly leavened at the desired time, without sacrificing quality. Say goodbye to night shifts and holiday work, and enjoy better time management.

Moreover, MultiProof Next's preservation function allows you to store the product optimally according to your production needs, with the choice between positive, -5°C to +15°C, or negative temperature preservation, -25°C to -5°C. This not only streamlines your processes but also leads to higher profits at the end of the year.


Maximize Product Quality

MultiProof Next is a top-of-the-line retarder proofing cabinet equipped with advanced technology that enables precise control over the proofing process. With customizable proofing programs and parameter settings, the temperature, time, and humidity inside the leavening chamber can be adjusted to ensure uniform leavening for a wide variety of products, ranging from bread and pastry products to pizza. Say goodbye to poorly leavened products, dissatisfied customers, and late-night work with MultiProof Next!

With this advanced technology, achieving optimal product quality has never been easier. Learn more about the proofing functions and take your production process to the Next level.