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Cook and Chill: elevating kitchen efficiency with IRINOX


Discover the secret behind high-quality, freshness and bulk #food preparation with no stress: Cook-Chill. This innovative approach is a game-changer in food service industry, a method that ensures food remains fresh, safe, and delicious. Let’s dive into how Cook and Chill is transforming food preparation!

The Cook and Chill process

Cook and Chill is a two-step process: full #cooking food and then rapidly #chilling it. This technique halts bacteria growth, enhancing flavor and extending #shelflife. It’s not just about mass production; it’s about consistency, reducing #waste, and delivering top-quality dishes every time. The Cook and Chill system allows chefs to better manage the #menu offer, #fooddelivery service and demand peaks.

Benefits and techniques

Cook and Chill provides flexibility to serve manage different menus and gives chefs more time to be creative. Tips to master this technique include using the blast chiller for quick cooling the cooked food, and after the holding cabinet for impecable preservation along time. Implementing Cook and Chill in your kitchen means embracing a smart approach that saves time and reduces food waste.

IRINOX: your ideal partner

IRINOX is at the forefront of supporting #chefs and #kitchen operators in adopting Cook and Chill. With our innovative blast chillers and storage solutions, like MultiFresh® NextMultiFresh® MyA #blastchillers and CP CK Next holding cabinets, implementing Cook and Chill is seamless. IRINOX appliances are designed for customizable, eco-friendly, and powerful performances, supporting a variety of needs.


Join us in transforming your kitchen routines for unmatched efficiency and quality. Explore our range of blast chillers and holding cabinets and discover how our clients are adopting IRINOX system inside their kitchens!


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