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How cooling keeps your food fresh and safe


Today is World Refrigeration Day. This year Chefs4ThePlanet is joining with UN Environment Programme OzonAction and the Global Food Cold Chain Council the “Cooling Keeps Food Fresh” campaign. A global movement about the importance of cooling technologies in food industry and climate security.

What are the benefits of refrigeration in your kitchen?

- Food waste: Food waste is still one of the biggest plague in our society. Wastage not only is a cost for your restaurant but it impacts negatively on our planet too. According to the United Nations Food and Agricoltural Organizations, the contribution of food wastage emissions to global worming is almost equivalent to global road transport emissions.  We need to take action as soon as possibile! Hopefully today chefs are supported by innovative technologies that help to reduce food waste almost to zero. Blast chillers and holding cabinets are cooling appliances that prelong ingredients shelf life preserving their original properties intact over time.



- Food quality: Color, texture, flavor.. all the original qualities are unalterated. This is essential to prepare always impecable plates and serve a good and healthy food. 

- Safety: Bacteria is spoiling your food! There’s a range of temperatures called danger zone that causes a fast proliferation of bacteria inside the aliments. A rapid cooling process, as blast chilling and shock freezing, stop bacteria grow and keep food safe in according to Haccp standards. 

- Processes: Prepare same quantity of food in half the time it usually takes a standard cook and serve process. Freezing and holding your ingredients accelerate processes. The blast chiller allows you to take advantage from the cook and chill process. What that means? It means that you can cook your food when you’re more able to do that and immediately after cooking transfer it to the blast chiller and then to the holding cabinet, preserving it at its best for the time you need.



- Food cost: The cooling technology helps you to have a good control of all those costs related to food. Raw materials can be purchased in larger quantites when in season and at the best price, and preserved in the holding cabinet for longer.

- Staff cost: Optimized processes means better management of your staff. With a good use of the cold chain your workflow is more efficient and staff costs reduced.

- Time: Always on time! Thanks to the blast chiller you will serve and deliver your plates in a second. The cook and chill methodology is what you need to better organize your time. Food can be preparare in advance and regenerated when needed with any loss in quality and safety.

Cooling tecnology has really lots of advantages that improve your kitchen processes and save tones of food that usually is wasted both after and post service.

As Steve Gill, the founder of the World refrigeration Day, sayed: “Cooling matters. And keeping food safe is one example of that”.

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