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How cooling keeps your food fresh and safe


As food consumers becomes more comfortable with #fooddelivery, a growing number of #restaurants are setting up #ghostkitchens, or cooking facilities that produce food only for delivery with no dine-in or customer-facing areas.

Ghost kitchens push #restaurant cost structures toward #delivery rather than in-person consumption, and the reduction of employees plus the use of innovative appliances that comes with a delivery-focused model can significantly bring down restaurant's costs and grow thin margins.

For ghost kitchens, operators need equipment that can produce large volumes of #food with consistent quality. IRINOX equipment allows operators to prepare food in advance, blastchill it and then quickly regenerate it on demand. This food production process has been proven to improve delivery time and produce better quality food.

Scale the production and grow your business faster

IRINOX equipment allows operators to scale their production and grow their business faster by producing large volumes of food with consistent quality.

Every ghost kitchen should have dedicated holding cabinets that provide ingredient storage as well as a blast chiller—which helps keep produce fresh longer—so it's ready at any time for your customers.

3 ways how ghost kitchens can benefit from blast chilling technology

Maximize staff efficiency: with the ability to pre-cook certain menu items is reduced the service time needed. When an order comes in, all you have to do is regenerate or finish it. This frees up your collaborators to concentrate on other duties. 

Preservation, quality and shelf-life: blast chillling brings food temperatures to ideal storage states, maintaining the integrity, colours, aroma, moisture and organoleptic properties of each ingredient, increasing shelf life and reducing the amount of food waste. 

Cookind and blast chilling: blast chillers can work hand in hand with ovens and other cooking equipment. IRINOX blast chillers can help chefs maximise their potential in the #kitchen. Consider foods that are cooked in a oven and then blast chilled to bring them quickly out of the danger zone, into ideal storage conditions.

Get ready for a competitive ghost kitchen!

Your ghost kitchen must be efficient and performant. To achieve this, you need to think in terms of performance and efficiency. That means choosing the ideal equipment and Xing innovative technology.

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