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The value of quality storage


The value of quality storage 

Food preservation plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and safety of both fresh and processed foods. With technological advancements, IRINOX temperature holding cabinets have become essential tools in efficiently managing food preservation. 

Optimized Production Management 

The ability to store fresh or processed foods for extended periods without compromising their quality is vital in any professional kitchen. IRINOX holding cabinets ensure thermal stability and precise humidity control, preserving nutritional properties, color, fragrance, and texture of foods. This not only improves kitchen efficiency but also allows for better planning and stock management. 

Types of IRINOX Holding Cabinets 

IRINOX offers a wide range of holding cabinets designed to meet various needs. IRINOX preservation technology is ideal for long-term storage with accurate temperature control. CP Next and CK Next are versatile, perfectly suiting the needs of restaurant chefs, pastry chefs, ice cream makers, and bakers. Its uniform and gentle ventilation system ensures no temperature differences inside the cabinet, thus providing optimal preservation. Furthermore, its ability to adapt to frequent door openings without temperature fluctuations makes it a reliable option for any professional kitchen environment, playing a crucial role in maintaining the quality and safety of both fresh and processed foods. 

 New entry!

Have you heard about about our CP Next Mini at Sigep - ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP? This compact holding cabinet redefines versatility, seamlessly fitting into even the most space-constrained kitchens. Designed to cater to a diverse range of culinary sectors, from gastronomy and pastry to gelato and bakery, the CP Next Mini ensures top-quality storage without compromises. Say goodbye to the days of sacrificing quality for space. 





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