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Why you need a bast chiller to save you from extra work


Customer expections are high, that’s why you need a blast chiller inside the kitchen, to help you optimize processes and save time.

An IRINOX blast chiller can be very usefull when it’s about chilling and products preservation. And this is not all it can do.

In this blog article we’re reveling you how to make the blast chiller your best partner in the kitchen, and how to benefit from it.


What are the benefits of using a blast chiller? 


It not only helps you to preserve your food, blast chilling it in less then 4 hours, but has many more advantages that makes your business more profitable, sustainable, secure and agile.

- Reduce food-cost: raw materials can be purchased in larger quantities when they are in season and at the best price. Blast chilled and shock frozen, they keep the same quality for several months.

- Reduce food waste: blast chilling drastically reduces food waste, helping you plan your purchases ahead and preserving the freshness of semi-finished or finished products.

- Enhance the shelf-life: bacterial proliferation it’s one of the biggest enemy in gastonomy, thanks to chilling process bacteria charge can be reduced, prelonging ingredients life.

- Reduce team costs: thanks to the blast chiller you can make the same quantity of food in half the time. This means optimize team needed and adapt it to your necessities and work peacks.

- Enhance food safety: to guarantee max quality to your plates ingredients must be in perfect status. Chilling fastly help you to maintain intact freshness for longer.


May I use the blast chiller to treat fish and vegetables ?

Sure, the blast chiller is the ideal solution for fish and delicate aliments, like veggies. You will find specif cycles that help you to chill fastly even the vegetables just cooked, avoiding oxidation and loss of vitamins and mineral salt.

If you serve fish based dishes in your menu, it can be chilled rapidly eliminating all the bacteria, like anisakis. Or if you have a party booked, you can prepare your fish previously and regenerate it when needed, beeing perfectly in time for the service.

As you can see, having a blast chiller in the kitchen can smooth your job, making it easier to be done and have your customers always satisfied. 


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