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MC3 Multicircuit has been patented


The Italian Patent Office has communicated to Irinox the granting of the patent for the innovative Multicircuit - MC3 for its most revolutionary blast chiller: MultiFresh Next®.

Irinox will be able to better protect its technologies and investments made in R&D from use and thir party applications.

The decision of the Patent Office is a new demonstration of the quality and technological value of Irinox on the market, for its customers and business partners.

MC3 Multicircuit comes as a result of the continuos investiments in R&D, becoming the secret behind the incomparable performance of the MultiFresh® Next blastchiller.


How does the MultiFresh® Next MC3 Multicircuit work:

Depending on the dimensions of the particular model, the refrigerant unit is composed of up to three independent refrigerant circuits. The main benefits of our MC3 technology are increased uniformity of chilling cycles and optimal performance guaranteed even with partial loads.

The evaporator of each circuit, equipped with its own thermostatic valve, is flexible in absorbing the heat depending on the amount of product and how it has been loaded.

A single large evaporator equipped with a single thermostatic valve, given its size, will never be able to perfectly adapt its capacity to absorb the heat with a partial load.

A special thanks goes to the entire Irinox R&D team who contributed to turn MultiFresh® Next into the most performing and ecological product in the blast chillers market.



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