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Richemont Club Italia


The Richemont Club Italia - founded in 1996 thanks to the tenacious passion of its founder, Piergiorgio Giorilli - is part of an international, non-profit organization (Article 3 of the Statute), which supports the activity of its partners at the top bakery and pastry sector.

In order to participate and be active members of the Club, it is in fact necessary to undergo an examination - held every year in September - which certifies the level of professional preparation of the aspiring members.
For its part, Richemont Club Italia offers its members - in addition to the undoubted prestige of belonging - also numerous opportunities for in-depth study and specialization within the profession with courses, internships, international symposia, visits to companies and opportunities for meeting with the great public, that the Italian branch of the Club proposes to increase year after year.
Even more numerous are the member nations of the Club, at the moment eleven in Europe besides Japan, with several countries on the waiting list.

The Richemont Club lives on its philosophy. To be part of it you need: preparation, professional ethics and a passion for your profession. Quality to be transmitted through products of excellence to its customers. In fact, the Club's priority is to promote all the news concerning modern bakery and confectionery. The continuous updating and specific activities are an integral part of a group that stands out for the seriousness of the proposals and commitment.

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