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Always effective!

The principle on which blast chillers operate consists of removing heat from food in the shortest time possible in order to limit ageing.

Our blast chillers guarantee the fastest heat removal, also with boiling hot food, without damaging it in any way. Numerous tests and studies based on cooling curves and the use of sophisticated software have made it possible to determine the perfect size of the main refrigerator components (condenser, evaporator and compressor): IrinoxBalanceSystem®.

The most efficient, for unbeatable performance

The IrinoxBalanceSystem® chilling cycle, aided by high performance evaporators and innovative fans, is applied to the EasyFresh range to chill and freeze food, even when it is piping hot, in the shortest possible time, maintaining the product’s quality intact.

Rapidity in removing heat has been increased by 40%, for both chilling and freezing; Irinox EasyFresh is the only blast chiller that can chill or freeze the same quantity of food in both processes (tests performed to the strict standards of NF and UK norms).

Defrosting without working!

EasyFresh can be used to defrost manually at the end of the day. Almost all blast chillers activate defrosting automatically during the work cycles, damaging the quality of products due to sudden changes in temperature.
EasyFresh does not defrost automatically because it is constantly able to remove all the heat from the chamber, which prevents the formation of ice on the evaporator.

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