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CK Next

The quality of Irinox storage

CK Next


Technology that makes your life easier

Every single detail on our Irinox holding cabinets has been meticulously designed to make the day-to-day work of professionals easier.

Door closure

The doors are fitted with a slow-close pivoting hinge and high-seal 7-chamber gaskets. Irinox holding cabinets feature a larger inner door to protect the frame.


FreshCloud® is the name of our Irinox IoT technology that allows you to interact with CK Next at any time. The new FreshCloud® APP means you can connect to the holding cabinet whenever you want to control its operation.


Sanigen® releases active ions that act on the microbial load present in the air and on all surfaces, including foodstuffs. The air inside Irinox holding cabinets is sanitised and 99% free of bacterial contamination.


CK Next holding cabinets can be equipped with a single or double natural LED side light bar which shines a perfect light on your products.


In the course of a working day, holdingcabinet doors are opened and shut constantly, so a new ergonomic shape and a new design bring you a handle that is sturdier, easier to clean and effortless to grip.


The new display is back-lit with capacitive technology. It is as easy to use as a smartphone and allows you to set the desired temperature, programme the right humidity level for the products and check how frequently the doors are opened and shut.

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