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CK Next


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Amazing temperature precision - always

CK Next is the new IRINOX holding cabinet dedicated to the gastronomy sector that allows you to efficiently store all kinds of food with the greatest possible temperature stability. Here the reasons to chose the IRINOX holding cabinet CK Next:

  • STABLE  Irinox holding cabinets are not affected by temperature fluctuations due to repeated door opening. An appropriately-sized refrigeration unit allows to quickly return to the set temperature.

  • RELIABLE  The Smart Defrost system used by Irinox holding cabinets is adaptive and automatically activated, avoiding the formation of frost or ice inside the chamber
    and ensuring proper functioning of the holding cabinet.

  • ACCURATE  With IRINOX holding cabinets you can rely on the temperature set remaining constantly stable, thanks to our Smart Airflow System and an optimised refrigeration unit that ensures excellent performance in all conditions.

  • ADAPTABLE  CK Next, dedicated to gastronomy professionals, contains 24 GN 2/1 trays or 48 GN 1/1 trays, and is available with a single steel door or a single glass door.

  • DELICATE  Uniform and delicate ventilation is the secret of IRINOX’s perfect holding systems. You won't find temperature differences inside the holding cabinets because air is distributed gently across all racks.

  • FLEXIBLE Professionals can choose between CK Next Up, which manages positive temperatures (from -5°C to +14°C) ideal for storing ready-to-serve products., and CK Next Multi, which allows them to set positive or negative temperatures (-25°C to + 15°C) ideal for long-term storage of frozen products. Food texture is guaranteed by perfect humidity management of the Smart Humidity System. With Irinox holding cabinets, you can set 6 humidity levels (from 65% to 90% RH).

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