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Cp Multi


Cold to protect your products

Through its exclusive refrigerating equipment, the Cp Multi holding cabinet runs constantly controlled non-aggressive ventilation.
Numerous tests and studies based on cooling curves and the use of sophisticated software have made it possible to determine the perfect size of the main refrigerator components (condenser, evaporator and compressor): IrinoxBalanceSystem®.
The exclusive design of the evaporating unit on Cp Multi not only avoids the dangerous formation of ice on the fins, but also ensures high cold output to allow rapid recovery of the set temperature.

Humidity management system

One of the main problems when preserving products at positive temperatures is to provide the ideal habitat for the product in order to maintain its nature, i.e. the right humidity.

Sophisticated Irinox software (Humidity Management System), tested by top master confectioners, and Fan Speed Control technology regulate all the cooling circuit components independently, keeping the characteristics of each product stable. Just set one of the 6 degrees of humidity available and it’s done!

Defrosting without sudden temperature changes

Cp Multi uses a hot gas rapid defrosting system. When defrosting each holding cabinet refrigerant gas suction pressure is stabilized to guarantee long life for the compressor.

For holding cabinets with a number of modules, defrosting is started separately so the temperature can be recovered rapidly and less energy is consumed.

All for one, one for all

The Plus version of CP MULTI comes with a double compressor, which gives the holding cabinet even higher performance. The refrigerating equipment is controlled by sophisticated electronics which decide whether to activate one or both compressors on the basis of the temperature required in the chamber. Partial operation of the compressor according to the actual hours of use ensures a highly durable component.

A multi- compressor also guarantees non-stop operation because the different set temperatures and degrees of humidity are managed separately in each individual module.

We have thought of everything

We have paid meticulous care to all the details of the Cp Multi holding cabinet, which now represents excellence in preservation systems. In particular it has assisted door closure and heavy duty gaskets that guarantee hermetic closure.

The handle has also been designed and made to resist continuous strain and facilitate cleaning.

The inside is illuminated by LEDs which are efficient also at low temperatures. The electronic control system has a modern easy to use, intuitive display.

Cp Multi also has a door opening control system designed to aid rational distribution of products in the chamber, preventing excessive cold air dispersion when the door is opened.

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