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CP Next

The quality of Irinox storage

CP Next

Next Level Preservation

CP Next means high quality preservation. Your creations maintain original texture, color, fragrance and nutritional properties intact for longer.

CP Next allows you to efficiently store all kinds of food with the greatest possible temperature stability.

With Irinox holding cabinets, setting the right temperature and keeping it stable throughout is a cinch, thanks to an innovative air-flow distribution system (patent pending) and a fridge unit size optimised to perform to high standards, regardless of the working conditions.

CP Next was created for pastry chefs, ice-cream makers and bakers, and contains up to 84 trays in the single-door version and up to 76 trays (600×400) in the double-door version.



Uniform and delicate ventilation is the secret of Irinox’s perfect holding systems. You won't find temperature differences inside the holding cabinets because air is blown across all the racks, never in an aggressive way.


Professionals can choose between CP Next Up which manages positive or chocolatespecific temperatures, and CP Next Multi which allows them to set positive, negative or chocolate-suitable temperatures. Here below we show the temperature ranges covered.


Irinox holding cabinets are not affected by temperature fluctuations due to repeated door opening. A properly sized fridge unit means a fast return to set temperature in next to no time.



The defrosting system for Irinox holding cabinets is adaptive and activated automatically, thus avoiding the formation of frost or ice inside the chamber while ensuring that the holding cabinet never stops functioning.



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