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Blast chill and shock freeze

Why blast chill? Because it adds quality to your life!

Why make way for bacteria when you can preserve the quality of your food?

The Irinox blast chiller stops the spread of bacteria simply because food is blast chilled quickly, rapidly going through the high-risk temperature range (+40°C/+10°C) so that bacteria have no time to reproduce. Without MF bacteria double every 15 minutes.

Why throw products away when you can cook and sell them?

Ideal prolonged conditions for preserving raw materials reduce food waste. With MF waste is reduced by 80%, which means a saving of thousands of Euros on your shopping bill every year.

Why waste time when you can organize your work more effectively?

“We never have enough time, we need 48- hour-long days, time is pressing”. These expressions clearly demonstrate that nowadays free time is the principal asset of true wealth. With the Irinox blast chiller you can prepare exactly the same number of meals as with traditional technology, yet save up to 50% of your precious time.

Blast chill faster for safer and more nutritious food

Fast blast chilling blocks food ageing, avoids oxidization and reduces bacterial proliferation. MultiFresh® takes the core of your food to +3°C faster than any other blast chiller, reducing the loss of weight caused by evaporation, and preserving nutrients.

Shock freeze safely and preserve every kind of food for longer

Ordinary shock freezing methods transform the liquids in food into macrocrystals which damage its structure. MultiFresh®’s ultra-fast shock freezing gets the food core to -18°C at a higher speed, leading to the formation of microcrystals that preserve the organoleptic properties of the food.

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