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More volume for your product

Irinox technology keeps your ice cream better. Ice cream comes out of the batch freezer at a temperature of -7°/-9°C; at this point it still contains 30% water, which is responsible for rapid aging. If the ice cream is placed in the window at -12°C or kept at -18° without shock freezing, the water congeals slowly and forms macro-crystals that ruin the structure. In just a few hours the ice cream will lose creaminess, volume and the typical flavour of freshly made ice cream. 

MultiFresh® or the EasyFresh blast chiller are used to shock freeze at -18°C or -12°Cthe water in the ice cream is transformed into micro-crystals that maintain initial quality intact and do not ruin the structure. After shock freezing the ice cream can be kept at -18°C or -12°C so that a stock is always available in the exclusive Irinox Cp Multi or N’ice holding cabinets, or at -12° C in the window ready for retail.

From the ice batch freezer to the shop window in a flash

The ice cream comes out of the batch freezer at -7°/9°C and must be taken as rapidly as possible to a window display temperature of -12°C; if the basin is placed directly in the window, slow freezing causes a loss of volume and the creation of macro crystals that damage the quality of the ice cream. 

Only MultiFresh® has a cycle dedicated to ICE CREAM freezing at -12°C that rapidly takes it to a temperature of -7°C to -12°C, making it immediately ready for retail.  The ice cream preserves overrun and maintains its texture and quality.

Can I soften ice cream in a few minutes?
Yes, now You can

Unpredictable customer demand and rotation of flavours in the shop window make it difficult to manage assortments. MultiFresh® is the only blast chiller that uses an ICE CREAM -12°C cycle to quickly make ice cream kept at -18°C ready for retail.

For example, if you have a MultiFresh® MF 45.1 at your disposal in less than 2 hours you can soften up to 6 basins of ice cream, perfectly scoopable and ready for your customers.

Poached fruit

MultiFresh® also helps you produce poached fruit. You can prepare the fresh fruit base and sugar syrup, place them in convenient portion sized bags, cook them in MultiFresh® for approximately 4 hours and blast chill or shock freeze them according to the type of fruit involved.

The result will be... amazing, the fruit will be whole and maintain its freshness and flavour. You can prepare all the flavours you wish in a single cooking session.

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