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Six reasons to add an Irinox blast chiller in your kitchen

Having an Irinox blast chiller in your kitchen means raising the level of your food preparation, storage and service methodologies. The Cook & Chill and Cook & Freeze methodologies are cutting-edge techniques that have the advantage of standardizing the quality of the foods that are prepared in advance.

In this way, we safeguard the organoleptic aspects, guaranteeing, at the same time, the slowing down of the bacteria proliferation process.

Food lasts longer: less waste, better work organization, more margins.

You can optimize the management of processes in the kitchen and laboratory, increasing the economic return of your company.

The increase in the spread of professional blast chillers is often associated with the spread of new trends in the kitchen that see the use of raw meat and fish, cutting-edge trends such as molecular cuisine and modern pastry techniques. All true, but there is much more. The modern entrepreneur in catering has understood the importance and the help that these equipment can offer to production, attributing them a central role in the kitchen. The blast chiller is known as the "time machine" able to take a snapshot of semi-finished food (pre-cooked and prepared), increasing its shelf life.

With an Irinox blast chiller we are able to avoid all that uncertainty due to a last minute orders or a very extensive a la carte menu, organizing production regardless of what the "expected sales" will be in the subsequent services. You can cook away from the weekend service (using all the baking trays of the oven) and cut everything in less than 90', keeping the line in advance for the following days. This offers your restaurant or laboratory the opportunity to take advantage of moments of less operation to concentrate the preparations.

Serve healthier foods, preserving nutrients and organoleptic properties.

The global trends in the field of food require serious reflection. According to a prestigious survey conducted on a global scale (30,000 individuals from 61 countries), 53% of respondents say they are willing to spend more on buying healthier foods.

It is therefore necessary, for each company that produces food, to adopt an integrated production system and a set of processes capable of guaranteeing healthy food (which comply with all HACCP standards) and constant quality, optimizing the management of processes from an economic and energy point of view .

All this is impossible without an adequate killing and conservation system. Many university studies have scientifically shown that foods treated with the blast chiller have a bacterial load up to 33 times less than those that have not undergone heat treatment.

Furthermore, the tests and tests carried out have shown a higher concentration of nutrients (vit. C) in blast chilled foods compared to those not blast chilled, thus confirming the better nutritional quality of the foods treated with the blast chiller.


Nielsen Global Health and Ingredient Sentiment, 2016

Increase the shelf life of foods, while reducing food waste.

The traditional production method involves two simple steps: cook and serve. This entails to manage a substantial load of unpredictability and stress, generated by the difficulty of weighting:

• the correct quantity and type of orders and which will arrive during the service

• the amount of preparations to be made in advance and live

• purchases to support those preparations.

Only through the blast chiller is it possible to get out of the cook and serve perspective (cook and serve), extending the duration of your preparations. An example? You can go from 3 days to 5 days (70% more) of your preparations (shelf life) or, with the blast chilling and vacuum system, over 15 days (500% more). If we think of the cook and freeze, we can keep the products longer by reducing the waste almost to zero. All this has a positive impact on waste, and on the income statement.

Reduce the food cost

To optimally manage a restaurant or laboratory production, it is essential to carry out a good control of all those costs related to food (food cost). After all, let's talk about one of the biggest expenses for a restaurant business.

Its impact on total management costs can amount to a percentage ranging between 25% and 40%. Only personnel costs manage to approach these percentages. No other item has such an impressive impact on the company's income statement.

Irinox blast chiller, combined with a first level preservation, allows you to reduce the food cost by 10% on average. How?

• Allowing you to purchase raw materials according to better price availability, in greater quantities. As soon as they arrive in the kitchen I cook them and chill / freeze them, for the stock (positive and negative).

• By allowing you to keep those raw materials longer, you make them less perishable, reducing waste to zero with the cook and freeze system.

Boost your service speed.

Irinox technology in the kitchen is fundamental to boost your service speed.

Let's think about the service. If we had to carry out all the live cooking (cook and serve, cook and hold method), we will have full ovens for a long time, with difficulty meeting all requests in a short time.

Traditional entrepreneurs and chefs would choose the following solutions: add staff and ovens to the kitchen.

Result: higher operating costs, higher energy consumption. With the blast chiller the concept changes. 90% of the cooking time is done earlier (in the previous days, in the most drained moments) and, during the service, we must exclusively regenerate the product for about 10% of the time.

It means 90% freer ovens during service, as well as an unparalleled speed of exit of the dishes!

Make your kitchen more flexible, innovative, adaptable to changes.

World experts in the field of cutting-edge kitchens and laboratories design, underline the importance of acquiring multifunction equipment, flexibility, which allow to change the production and service rhythms according to customer needs, which are constantly changing. Since 2009, blast chillers have been on the market with specific functions for each product and extreme versatility. In addition to the "cold" functions mentioned above, in fact, it is possible to use the blast chiller with cycles dedicated to leavening, defrosting, pasteurization, cooking at low temperature and keeping warm.

In this case we are talking about a "multifunction" blast chiller, we are talking about MultiFresh®.

MultiFresh® can be transformed, if necessary, into a leavening compartment or a warm keeper during service (between 65°C and 85°C in the room), it act as a cooking chamber at low night temperature and then blast chill directly the product in the same work cycle.



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