Club Coupe Du Monde de la Pâtisserie


The World Cup of Pastry aims to assess the professional capacity of the participants, to demonstrate to a large audience, through practice, the evolution and progress made, to provide new ideas on pastry and to stimulate young people sector.

The competition will take place in Lyon at the end of January, each participant will present a team consisting of three exceptional pastry chefs, who will be responsible for the following tasks: 1 chocolate entremets, 1 fruit entremets, 1 dessert cake plate and three sculptures of sugar, chocolate and ice. The 2019 edition will see some novelties in the competition: all the creations will have to focus on a single theme 'Nature, Flora and Fauna'. the dish dessert will have to be vegan and in addition the teams will have to prepare the chocolate dessert using a honey biscuit.

Irinox will sponsor the 2019 Italian team supported by Maestro Alessandro Dalmasso, president of the Club and coach together with the masters Emmanuele Forcone, Francesco Boccia and Fabrizio Donatone with the supervision of Maestro Iginio Massari and composed of Lorenza Puca di Pescara, Mattia Cortinovis of Bergamo, and Andrea Restuccia of Rome.

The three youngsters after the designation at the Sigep of Rimini last January, have started training for the final of the World Cup of Pastry scheduled in LIone on 27/28 January 2019 in the training center of Cast Alimenti, considered the school where they are born the Champions.

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