Irinox for Cookin'Med


Irinox, with his blast chillers, is one of the sponsors di Cookin Med, which will take place in Agrigento in September 2019 for an international discussion on how to safeguard the valuable treasure of the Mediterranean Sea

The project originates from an idea by Cuttaia, Michelin two-star chef at his restaurant La Madia di Licata (Agrigento) and aims at spreading the sustainability principles of the sea’s resources, the fishing models that favour a rediscovery of the “poor fish”, and the fight against pollution in the sea. A key factor is represented by the cooperation with the Associazione Worldrise, led by Mariasole Bianco, which conducted an in-depth study on the seasonality of so-called “poor” fish, defining a set of rules for use that is followed by a large number of chefs.

Irinox, with headquarters in the North-East, has decided to become a partner and support the realisation of video recipes in which 6 chefs chosen by Pino Cuttaia, such as Moreno Cedroni, Andrea Sarri, the Tunisian Berbat Belhassen and the Maltese Jonathan Vassallo, have created recipes with less-known species of fish.

Irinox’s blast chillers will allow chefs to disclose proper fish sanitising practices to ensure safety. Irinox is specialised in blast chillers. «We were very excited about Cuttaia’s proposal, since we truly like his new project and are inspired by the same values: innovating in compliance with good practices and tradition - commented Katia Da Ros, at Irinox -. Creating value, enhancing in primis the value of the territory and of that which already exists, but in an innovative key.

After 30 years from its development, blast chillers are still a great ally in maintaining fish safe to eat and of high quality. This practice has become so widespread that today the customers themselves ask the restaurateur if the raw fish on the menu has been blast chilled.

Fish is one of Italy’s major resources, since it is a country surrounded by sea; as an Italian manufacturing company specialised in blast chillers, we are delighted and honoured to be a partner in this courageous and visionary project «Italy’s artisanal fisheries - remarks Bianco - are underestimated, while instead promoting fish from the Mare Nostrum would contribute to support the local businesses which are, by their very nature, interested in contributing to the protection of renewable resources, since their very existence depends upon them. Following the natural seasonality, and thus the natural trend of peaks of presence of the various species found in or regions guarantees the consumer a more economically sustainable and local product».

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