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MultiFresh® Next won the GOOD Design Award


Kicking off the year with some GOOD news! We are proud to announce that MultiFresh® Next, the most performing blast chiller in the market designed by Studio Volpi design team, has received a GOOD Design Award in the industrial category. 

IRINOX asked Studio Volpi to step into a complete re-design of the entire product range, not only to modernize its looks, but also to further elevate user experience through an enhanced and modernized user interface.

Key points:

  • The new handle thus kept its size and position, but the perfect semi-circle had now been replaced by a semi-hexagon evoking the “o” in the IRINOX logo, reproducing the same font. The hexagonal “o” was also used as a seal, integrated into the handle.
  • The distinctive blue color was now to be found in a band running across the top of the appliances, encasing the control panel. A special hue of anodized, metallic blue was created exclusively for IRINOX as a strongly characterizing element.
  • The profile of the door, not considered a “protected” identity element, was liberally modified and had now acquired sleek looking and more comfortable chamfered edges.
  • The temperature probe, an essential piece of any blast freezer, was redesigned and given the shape of a hexagon, in line with the logo, the door handles and the classy seals.
  • Finally, the air-intake grids were kept almost unchanged to provide a strong déjàvu effect, an element of continuity with the brand’s tradition.

The IRINOX Design System was created as a way to keep the UI consistent throughout all the iteration by first creating an entire graphical language made of icons, symbols and other elements typically found on screens or commands.

This IRINOX Design System can be compared to a giant Lego box, from where to fish out any element needed to quickly and consistently compose any possible configuration of the product’s UI. The control was re-positioned in a more user-friendly way.

The team of designers added also another distinctive element, a strip of LED lights right underneath the blue band on the product. A very useful feature when you are working at the other end of your kitchen. The LED strip provides a clearly visible display of the status of the appliance, whether it is idle, working, at which stage it is in the current process, and even whether there is a problem.

The task was to provide some very technical solutions, that also had important emotional and visual elements.

Extra congrats are in order for our R&D and Marketing teams for their incredible work on this game-changing product!

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