Ronald van Bakergem Q&A for Irinox North America


Rapid chilling and rapid freezing have become enormously important in the modern industrial kitchen world over the last few years. Cases of salmonella and food poisoning, which are still occurring regularly, are increasing the demand for safer and more efficient food handling procedures in almost every market segment.

"When I first got introduced to the concepts of IRINOX’s technology, I had never been so impressed with this unit’s performance and endless product configuration options. More importantly, I realized that in the U.S., for those who follow HACCP guidelines, we chill to 70ºF in two hours, and then below 41ºF in another 4 hours or less, which truly raises a lot of serious questions, especially when we all know that bacteria doubles every 15 minutes when food temperatures hover between 140ºF and 41ºF, also known as the famous “temperature danger zone.”

By comparing the six hours U.S. standard of chilling to the European standard of 90 minutes, one can see that as an operational person, I would choose the European standard, as labor time is a critical component in all of our operations. It quickly became obvious to me that IRINOX’s blast chillers were going to be key in helping American kitchens work smarter and boost profits."




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