Icy means design and technology in every detail



Always effective, directly from cooking!

Designed by a team of designers, Icy is distinguished by top quality construction details, revealing the renowned technological quality of Irinox blast chillers. To guarantee the best performance and utmost efficiency, Icy features IrinoxBalanceSystem®: the main refrigeration circuit components (compressor, evaporator, condenser and fans) are perfectly sized, ensuring well-balanced ventilation and humidity inside the chamber, fundamental for preserving the structure of food and therefore its organoleptic properties. Icy meets its stated productivity and is always efficient, even at full capacity.

Icy: is the most cost effective in its category

You’ll immediately appreciate the Irinox technology because it has everything you need, at the lowest price ever.
Irinox technology means 3 things:

  • food safety: the blast chilling system is so effective that it prevents the spread of bacteria;
  • unbeatable performance: unmatched speed and precision of temperatures;
  • shelf life: Icy preserves the freshness of food and keeps it unchanged.

Icy is the easiest to use

It is the easiest to learn how to use: it only takes a few seconds to set. The touch screen controls are intuitive and easy to use.
The 4 main functions are controlled from the home page, where all other functions are accessed. It takes no more than 3 steps to start the machine. In addition, keys with explanatory icons make the various operations easier to carry out and remember.

Icy is the fastest in the kitchen

Icy is the fastest blast chiller in its category. It blast chills and shock freezes rice, pasta, soups, fish, meat and even ice cream in a short time – 30% less than the time of other blast chiller – and with lower energy consumption, totally preserving the organoleptic properties of food.
Icy’s rapid cycles enable you to better organize production in the kitchen and optimize staff shifts and food preparation.

Defrosting without working!

ICY can be used to defrost manually at the end of the day. Almost all blast chillers activate defrosting automatically during the work cycles, damaging the quality of products due to sudden changes in temperature.

ICY does not defrost automatically because it is constantly able to remove all the heat from the chamber, which prevents the formation of ice on the evaporator.


Because Irinox is present in over 80 countries we are committed to observing the most stringent international production standards. To do so, Irinox constantly uses qualified external authorities to certify its manufacturing parameters.

Our certification:

  • TUV / PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
    Certificate number: TIS-PED-MI-12-05-001918-5534
  • ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories)
    The range for the American market is ELT approved. The ETL Listed mark indicates that the product has been tested by a third party accredited laboratory to the applicable product standards (ANSI, UL, CSA, ASTM, NFPA Standards) and minimum safety requirements, so that they can be sold and distributed in North America.
  • Test conformità EMC (tested by a third party accredited laboratory)
    C onformity to Directive 2004/108/EE regarding Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is a compulsory requisite in Europe for CE mark purposes and is becoming obligatory for a growing number of products in non-member EU countries.
  • Test conformità LVD (tested by a third party accredited laboratory)
    Conformity to the Low Voltage Directive.
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