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Irinox was founded in Corbanese (Treviso, Italy) in 1989 and is known all over the world as the leading manufacturer of blast chillers and shock freezers.

Our appliances are entirely manufactured in our 9,000 sq m facilities near Treviso in north eastern Italy.

As a pioneer in developing the concepts of blast chilling and high-quality food preservation in the catering, confectionery, ice cream, bread-making and food industries, Irinox has always invested in continuous research and improvement of its technology, becoming the ideal partner of the most important food professionals and companies all over the world.

Innovative in spirit, over the years Irinox has developed a leading edge line of industrial blast chillers and shock freezers, proposing revolutionary concepts that have set market benchmarks.

Irinox has already installed more than 40,000 machines and distributed its equipment in more than 80 countries.

Ideas, people, great passion

Passion and commitment make it possible to realise even the most ambitious dreams.
We believe in customer satisfaction, technological development and the value of quality.
Our objective is to supply products and services that have unmistakable technological value and that contribute to improving the work and life of those who choose them.
We acknowledge the human and professional value of the people who work with us.
We believe in honesty, trust, cooperation and mutual respect.

Mission & Vision


We provide professionals with the most innovative equipment for keeping food fresh and optimizing production processes to guarantee quality and the pleasure of eating out.


Bring a blast chiller into every artisan and industrial kitchen.


Irinox works closely with the most important laboratories and the most prestigious universities in developing its blast chillers and shock freezers.
Innovations constantly introduced by Irinox are combined with tangible technological value and are certified by the most authoritative research centres.
Our teams of expert engineers and skilled chefs work in close contact with our customers, enabling us to improve the functions and performance of our blast chillers and shock freezers.
All Irinox equipments comply with strict construction standards and undergo accurate tests.

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