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FreshCloud® IRINOX

FreshCloud® IRINOX

FreshCloud® is IRINOX's smart system that allows you to connect to your kitchen anytime, anywhere.

Compatible with the entire range of IRINOX Professional products, FreshCloud® is easily accessible via laptop, tablet and mobile devices, supporting both iOS and Android operating systems.

Access the world of FreshCloud® - the IRINOX Cool Connection now via web or mobile.


FreshCloud® Features

FreshCloud® is the solution that will allow you to get a complete overview of the units in your kitchen with just a few clicks. Thanks to FreshCloud®, you will be able to easily check all information regarding the availability, use, care and hygiene of your units, all in one convenient location. Furthermore, with FreshCloud® you will be able to update the firmware of MultiFresh® Next and MultiProof Next, ensuring their top performance.

Thanks to Cycle Management, you can create, edit and save cycles across an entire network of MultiFresh® Next blast chillers, no matter where they are located. This will allow you to optimise time in your laboratory by remotely presetting and starting cycles and finding your units ready to work.

HACCP Report Management will help you keep your documentation in order, monitor and control your data, ensuring regulatory compliance in one smart environment.

Finally, with FreshCloud® you will also be able to monitor the maintenance of your units, allowing IRINOX Service Partners to keep an overview on their regular operation, ensuring optimal performance over time.

If you would like to make your kitchen more efficient with an IRINOX blast chiller, please contact us for more information!

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