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FreshCloud® IRINOX

Your Intelligent Connection to the Kitchen

Imagine having the power to connect to the heart of your culinary workshop from anywhere in the world. FreshCloud®, IRINOX's advanced system, offers just that, allowing you to monitor the entire range of IRINOX Professional products in real time.

What makes FreshCloud® so revolutionary?

  • Streamlined Workflows: Say goodbye to complexity. With FreshCloud®, every process, no matter how intricate, becomes child's play. Monitoring and cycle management flow smoothly, and with the capability to update the software with a single click, you're assured of efficient, seamless operations.

  • Maximize Time and Resources: Now you can remotely schedule your cycles and synchronize them with all blast chillers, optimally structuring your workday, resulting in significant time and operational cost savings.



  • Total Control: In the world of catering, compliance is crucial. FreshCloud® makes creating HACCP reports a breeze with just a simple touch. For added peace of mind, you can grant access to your trusted service partner, ensuring prompt and proactive remote assistance in the event of unforeseen issues.

  • Chef's Guide: FreshCloud® doesn't just stop at management. Inside, you'll find the Chef's Guide, filled with applications tested by IRINOX chefs. This guide allows you to verify the recommended times and cycles for treating numerous foods, offering you the chance to make the most of IRINOX technology in your kitchen and discover all the advantages it brings to your culinary art.

The versatility of FreshCloud® is unmatched. Access the platform simply and intuitively through laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, compatible with both iOS and Android. With FreshCloud®, IRINOX Professional not only redefines food preservation but also the future of technological management in the kitchen.



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