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Bread making

Natural proofing

“To simplify the work of bread-makers”, this is the concept Irinox adopted years ago to assist professionals in this trade with systems designed to guarantee extraordinary quality and optimize production activities.

Day System is a new work method with which to have fresh products for a number of hours every day.  The convenience of taking hot bread out of the oven at any time provides more free time for bread-makers and the possibility to offer customers a greater assortment.

Day System also means managing working hours to your wishes, avoiding night work while observing the traditions and using the recipes that distinguish each bread-maker.

Irinox has the right solution for every situation.

Blast chill and shock freeze bread just out of the oven!

Prepare cooked and pre-cooked products once a week to save time and waste, with perfect constant quality guaranteed. 

For example, typical bread from Apulia comes in large buns which take at least an hour to cook; with Irinox it can be prepared at any time, baked and blast chilled immediately with the PRE-COOKED BREAD 68°F dedicated cycle to keep its characteristics intact much longer. 

The main cause of ageing for bread is humidity, approximately 80% (Rh) of which is lost during the first cooling stage which goes from 194°F to 158°F at the core.

After baking bread can also be shock frozen with MultiFresh®, preventing dehydration and destruction of the structure. When it is regenerated it will smell and taste like freshly baked bread because unlike bread chilled and frozen with conventional methods, it loses no humidity and the structure is not damaged.

Pre-cooked bread with MultiFresh®

With MultiFresh® cycles dedicated to bread making all types of pre-cooked bread can be blast chilled or shock frozen.  It is blast chilled by the  PRE-COOKED BREAD 68°F cycle and held at 59°F throughout the day, ready for retail. This type of procedure is used by large industrial bakeries which provide a frozen product for finishing off in the oven.

To keep bread for a long time MultiFresh® proposes a PRE-COOKED BREAD 5°F cycle which shock freezes then holds at -4°F ready for baking in the oven when needed.

Unbaked bread

MultiFresh® can be used to prepare any type of bread (rye, cereals, farro, maize, etc.) in advance and shock freeze it so it can be kept for several months.  Special bread which sells just a few kilos per day is better prepared in large batches once every 10/15 days and just the required amount baked every day.

Besides bread, any other type of product (flat bread, pizzas, croissants, etc.) can be stored to have a supply of unbaked items to be proofed and finished off with sauce, olives or mozzarella before baking when needed!

Unbaked proofed bread

Frozen proofed flat bread can be topped with sauce, olives, cheese, etc. and then shock frozen with UNBAKED BREAD 5°F so it is ready when needed. In this case, as with all sizes below 40g, it can be placed in the oven frozen without thawing. With larger sizes it is advisable to thaw (with the MultiFresh® thawing cycle) before baking.

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