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Cooked ham

by Gianluca Ortu

Food family: Meat
Irinox model: MF 25.1
Weight: 15,000 gr
Thickness: 30 cm
Cycle used: Pork Low T. Cooking
Temperature: +3°C
Initial temperature of the food: 3°C
Time: min.
Ventilation level: 2

Leg of pork,

For the marinade (use 20% of the weight of the meat), 950 gr salt nitrite (already mixed), 300 gr sugar, 200 gr rosemary,  100 gr thyme, 100 gr sage, garlic, 50g black peppercorns.


Syringe the leg of ham with brine (20% of the weight of the meat). Cook in the MultiFresh selecting the +3°C CBT cycle and setting the probe at 70°C (core temperature) and the air temperature in the MultiFresh chamber at 85°C. Once cooked, the MultiFresh will automatically cool the ham.


Using MultiFresh I am able to set and program the steps for night-time cooking.

At the end of the work cycle there was a 5% weight reduction.

The approximate cooking time was about 20/22 hours.

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