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Quality in the kitchen means freshness!

All chefs put passion into their cooking in order to satisfy customers with top quality products. Meticulous care for all details, a search for the best raw materials, and excellent preparation make every dish a true delight for the palate. Imagination and research allow cooks to fully express their creativity; working together with assistants and knowing how to organize them produces refined dishes.

The reliability and safety of the technologies used let you serve the original freshness of each ingredient every day.

Low temperature cooking

MultiFresh® has exclusive cycles for low temperature cooking and food regeneration that allow every chef to make the best use of this blast chiller, even when they are not in the kitchen, for example at night.

The L.T. cooking cycle cooks certain types of meat and fish at low temperature.  This method has the advantages of exalting flavour and aromas and cooking more evenly, resulting in brighter colours and a significant reduction of weight loss. Compared to other technologies used for low temperature cooking, when the MultiFresh® cycle ends it automatically goes on to chilling (37°F), shock freezing (0°F) or holding (149°F); you are the one who decides what temperature you want for your food.

Controlled Thawing

Thawing is an extremely delicate step in the treatment of food, as it can compromise the quality and healthiness of your products.

With the MultiFresh® controlled thawing cycles you can choose the time you wish to have your products ready for processing or retail. The rapid thawing cycle combines temperature and ventilation to take frozen products to positive temperature without damaging their texture.

For example, you can programme the thawing cycle in the evening so that the next day the meat is at exactly the right temperature and all its properties are unaltered.


Vegetables are the food most used in the kitchen, but they are also among the most delicate as they quickly lose their nutrients.

For this reason it’s always best to choose fresh vegetables when they are in season and use MultiFresh® to keep their nutritional properties intact over time, as well as their bright colours and delicate flavours.

The VEGETABLES 37°F cycle rapidly chills vegetables immediately after cooking, preventing oxidation and loss of their vitamin and mineral salt content. You can put steaming hot vegetables into MultiFresh®, immediately stopping their deterioration.

MultiFresh® gives You fresh fish every time

The pleasure of eating raw fresh fish is rapidly spreading throughout the world. However, fish is one of the most expensive foods that easily deteriorates. The dedicated FISH 0°F cycle is used to quickly deep freeze raw fish to 0°F at the core, immediately after purchase. Shock freezing fish according to HACCP Standards eliminates the parasites lurking in certain types of raw fish (Anisakis) and keeps its delicate flavour intact.

In the case of banquets or receptions, you can cook your fish dishes in advance, chill them rapidly with MultiFresh® and then regenerate and serve them in a few minutes without keeping your guests waiting

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