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Industry and catering

Food cost and healthiness under constant control!

Irinox is the flagship company for blast chilling and shock freezing systems in the food industry, banqueting and catering. Industrial production needs definite timing, safe food and quality products; that’s why the most important food industries in the world and the most prestigious airport catering services have for many years taken advantage of our experience and professional competence. Irinox is the only company in the world to specialize in the production of blast chillers and multi functional systems such as MultiFresh®. Our technology allows us to run flexible industrial production that observes food cost for all its production batches. Irinox blast chillers are the only ones that have the exclusive IrinoxBalanceSystem® with which to blast chill/shock freeze food straight from the cooker at 37°/ 0°F.

High performance

Food chilling and freezing is a thermal treatment that may spoil food quality and durability and compromise hygiene and health standards.

To make sure the process is carried out properly use a blast chiller after checking actual yield in kg and ascertaining performance.

MultiFresh® is the only blast chiller that guarantees the same productivity for blast chilling and shock freezing.

The exclusive sizing for the main refrigerator components (IrinoxBalanceSystem®) ensures that heat is extracted properly from food immediately after cooking, securing the food’s quality at that moment.

Hospital catering, company and school canteens

Observance of HACCP standards during the blast chilling and shock freezing processes is essential. Very hot food is placed in the blast chiller and often equipment cannot be cleaned between batches.

By means of numerous tests performed together with Udine University Irinox has patented a continuous sanification system, Sanigen®, (Bioxigen Technology) certified by the Italian Ministry of Health, which eliminates up to 99.5% of the bacteria in the blast chiller, also during operation.

Sanigen® uses air as a sanification vehicle that can reach and clean even the least accessible parts.

Airport catering

All our equipment used for blast chilling/shock freezing and preserving is built with the exclusive IrinoxBalanceSystem® refrigeration unit.

This type of technology makes Irinox blast chillers the only ones in the world that can maintain the same productivity for both blast chilling and shock freezing, considerably reducing food costs

The quality of the components used and the attention paid to every detail ensure absolute round the clock reliability, even in environments with high temperatures.

Skilled efficient after-sales service will respond promptly and competently at any time to meet your needs.


Irinox technology is renowned as the best for blast chilling/shock freezing and preserving food quality. All the cycles are tested to ensure that they protect food flavour; specific cycles have been established for each type of food so that ventilation, temperature and humidity in the chamber take the product delicately to the required temperature.

MultiFresh®, the only multi-function machine that can blast chill, shock freeze, prove, cook at low temperature, thaw and regenerate allows you to create a sequence with just one operation, several work stages and operations.

For example, you can cook meat or fish at low temperature and go directly on to blast chill or shock freeze it, without having to the handle the product, with considerably reduced production costs and greater hygiene/health security which will increase the product’s shelf life.

Blast chilling and low temperature cooking greatly reduce weight loss and therefore raise profits on each dish.

Food industry

To keep production costs down it is essential for the blast chilling and shock freezing equipment to be proportionate to the equipment used in the production process. For each sector of the food industry Irinox proposes qualified consultancy and customized solutions, bringing into play the know-how and experience gained through installing over 40,000 plants all over the world.

The entire process is monitored by sophisticated software incorporated into Irinox equipment that memorizes all the temperatures and different stages of each operating cycle, guaranteeing the traceability of each production batch. The Irinox system also helps you manage production costs in peak or low production periods because Irinox technology has been created to ensure maximum production flexibility.

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