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An aid for excellent job management

Passion, reliability and professionalism are common to all confectioners. With its technology Irinox helps exalt the quality of your creations and cut production costs while providing a well assorted display and reducing waste, to assure every good confectioner great success!

Every day good confectioners carefully select raw materials and experiment with new recipes to surprise and satisfy their customers. To enhance this constant commitment, choose reliable technology that facilitates and improves your job, by your side throughout the production processes. 

Such technology has just one name: Irinox!

Quality mixes ready in a flash

MultiFresh® allows you to reduce production times and keep the quality of your mixes intact.

The dynamic MIXES 53°F cycle is used to cool puff pastry, short pastry and sponge cake to the ideal temperature to ensure a soft smooth mix.  

Puff pastry requires both the mix and butter at a temperature of 53°F, which is ideal for laminating the butter and folding the pastry so that it develops evenly.

After cooling, you can either keep some of the mix in CP Multi at 37°F or start a STRONG 0°F cycle and hold at -4°F in your CP Multi.

Chocolate creations

Chocolate is one of the main ingredients for a confectioner and is used in numerous recipes, such as pralines, cakes, mousse, semifreddos and other chocolate based preparations.  

MultiFresh® meets the needs of confectioners and chocolatiers with dedicated chocolate cycles that maintain its moisture so it can be preserved properly over time.

For example, the CHOCOLATE 66°F cycle rapidly reaches the right temperature for cake decoration.

Proofing:  Multifresh® is a multifunction assistant

MultiFresh® is a multi function blast chiller you can also use to manage other production stages such as proofing. All confectioners wish to prove their products safely, ensuring rich flavour, the right friability, good digestibility and above all freshness over time. With its proofing cycles MultiFresh makes it possible to prove the dough for croissants in an environment where temperature and humidity are constantly controlled and gauged to develop texture perfectly

MultiFresh lets you decide when to prove: 

Direct proofing: insert your leavened products and set the time and temperature to start the proofing process immediately to prepare the product for cooking.

Scheduled proofing: after forming the croissants, set the end of proofing date and time and the products will be ready exactly when you want them. For example, you could plan proofing in the evening and find the products ready for baking the next morning.

Safe thawing

Thawing is an extremely delicate step in the treatment of food, as it can compromise the quality and healthiness of your products.

With the MultiFresh® thawing cycles you can choose the time you wish to have fully intact products ready for retail or further processing. MultiFresh® rapidly takes your products to the required temperature without compromising quality.

For example, small cakes can be taken to 28°F for display in the window, certain that after thawing they will be perfectly kept until used.

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